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Royce Cumming

Phone: (831) 320-3345

Welcome to BioQuipBugs!

My name is Royce Cumming, and I am the owner/operator of BioQuipBugs, and I am a California native entomologist involved in many facets within the wonderful world of entomology. At the present I am working on my PhD in Evolutionary Biology with an emphasis on Insect Systematics at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. This means I am only managing BioQuipBugs part time, and I am only shipping orders 1 week out of each month when I am back in California. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes due to slightly delayed shipping for some orders received during these "off" periods. I will however always be available to answer questions on the phone or over email.

Photo credit: Kendrick Brinson (

Besides taxonomy and systematics I am also actively involved in forensic entomology, live tropical butterfly exhibits, paleoentomology, cultural entomology, ecology, and insect phytochemistry (with my work even landing me in the New York Times!). So, feel free to reach out any time about other insect related topics, not just about purchasing specimens. I am always happy to chat any and all things entomology!

If you are interested in checking out my research, I am passionate about open access to scientific information so I upload all of my publications to ResearchGate where you can read and download them for free.

I look forward to continuing the legacy of BioQuipBugs by offering the same great specimens from all around the world.

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