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 Please note that pictured specimens are representative of specimens available.
USDA interstate movement permits may be required for some live species.
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(You are viewing: All Categories / INSECTS / LEPIDOPTERA (BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS) / MEGALOPYGIDAE, Flannel Moths)
Please note the following suffixes to product item numbers listed below:
"A" - in alcohol, "M" - male only, "F" - female only, "P" - a male/female pair, "S" - a set of specimens,  "L" - live specimen, "N" - immature

  Catalog Num   Description Origin Price
35H0003 Megalopyge opercularis USA $5.00 Add to quote cart
35H0004 Megalopyge opercularis USA $5.00 Add to quote cart
35H0001 Podalia sp Honduras $5.00 Add to quote cart